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Okay, First Of All What Is Curation Hero? 

Curation Hero is an awesome Wordpress Plugin which allows for easy, fast and simple content curation on any wordpress website, blog and even social media pages from right inside of Wordpress!


This Is Especially Designed To Help YouCreate Awesome Content Curation Articles...


Create Drag & Drop content just like Perez Hilton, Poly Mic & the most highly trafficed sites online in a few minutes Customers going to go CRAZY over this


 Curation Hero is a revolunary new plug in never been released before, which curates content such as articles, news, gifs, amazon products, videos from youtube and posts them to your blog, fan page, twitter & other social media platforms

Customers never again have to hand write or pay writers to create content for their blogs and fan pages (solving a BIG problem in our market place) but still get to maintain creative control & direction!

With the simple to use drag & drop interface Curation Hero is so super easy to use, I even showed my 7 year old daughter how to use it to use on her new blog (yeah ... really I did!)

Its 100% SEO friendly and some of the most highly trafficked sites on the net use curation to get the most viral content, the likes of ....

                     Mashable  |  AOL  |  Perez Hilton  |  Huffington Post  |  Poly Mic

"They All Use Curated Content & Now With Curation Hero You Can To!"

SEO Friendly - Humingbird update rewards curated content

Curate Content - You don't need to write it rom scratch for the search engines to still LOVE your content

Trusted Citations - Curated content from only the most trusted and profitable sites

Viral Content - Creating viral content that people will enjoy sharing on social media

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